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Rise in Disease Prevalence to Burgeon the Pet-Ct Scanner Devices Market

Posted on: Nov-2017 | By: MarketNReports | Medical Devices

PET-CT scanner devices are the nuclear medicine procedure used for detection of cancer, heart conditions, brain disorders, and other disorders. It also supports to establish the efficiency of the treatment and removes the need of needless surgical processes as PET-CT scan can find out whether the mass of the doubtful tissue is a residual mass or active tumor.

The increase in prevalence and incidence of diseases such as Alzheimer, HIV, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases are impelling the growth of market for PET-CT scanner devices. Additionally, rise in geriatric population that is vulnerable to taking medicines for their wellbeing is anticipated to drive the market growth. Few of the major factors contributing to the market growth are discussed below.

Rise in disease prevalence

In the last few decades, the rise in disease incidences has attained a frightening proportion owing to the increase in morbid way of life. The PET-CT scanners’ high-tech imaging technology offers before time recognition, precise localization & staging, and accurate monitoring & treatment of the diseases. Thus, providing patients an improved look of treatment outcome, avoid needless procedure, as well as disease detection. This is projected to spur the growth of the PET-CT scanner devices market.

Technological advancements

Technological advancements in the PET-CT scanner lead to additional features such as time-of-flight acquisition, enhanced huge field-of-view imaging, high image resolution & contrast, exclusion of metal artifacts, and others. For example, Siemens AG, in the previous year had designed PET-CT scanner equipped with Biograph Horizon systems that made scans possible in 5 Minutes, automatic standby for decrease in consumption of power, and gentle system warm-up. The demand for sophisticated PET-CT machines has augmented thus fueling its market growth.

Larger pool of elderly population

There has been a significant rise in geriatric population across the world and they are susceptible to a variety of disorders and diseases, such as Alzheimer, cancer, cardiac disorders, and HIV. Geriatric population is predominantly susceptible to a range of diseases and has elevated rates of acquiring diseases in comparison to other age groups. Thus, the rise in geriatric population rate is estimated to heave the need for diagnosis, thus impelling the growth of the PET-CT scanner device market.