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Ice Cream Market To Get One More Launch In Vegan Range By Unilever

Posted on: Feb-2019 | By: MarketNReports | Machinery and Tools

Reportedly, Breyers—which is owned by Unilever—is a low-calorie ice cream label and is launching a vegan range of ice cream in the U.K. The low-sugar brand publicized the forthcoming start in the comments of an Instagram post, with simply replying, “We are releasing a vegan range very soon,” to its customers. Breyers Delights was established by Breyers particularly for the U.K., where the wellness and health market has constantly expanded in recent years. Each tub of the Breyers has a maximum of 350 Calories.

In the last year, when the brand was launched Amy Knowles—Breyers UK Marketing Manager—asserted, “We are aware of the demand from health-conscious customers who want to restrict their calorie intake, while also desire to pamper themselves. Breyers Delights is the ideal product for them that also aid us in getting new customers, who might not have earlier bought into this category.” The ice cream market is also constantly developing for wellness and health-related reasons, with environmental and ethical ones. It is anticipated that almost 3 Million British people will ditch dairy, meat, and eggs in 2019.

The latest Breyers Delights plant-based range consists of a variety of innovative flavors and in the U.S, Breyers provides two almond milk-based (nondairy) options. With the unveiling of its latest vegan options, Breyers will join the flourishing vegan ice cream market that is set to exceed a value of $1 Billion by the end of 2024, as per to the latest data. In the U.K., admired brand Ben & Jerry’s lately added to its vegan range new flavors. Low-calorie Halo Top Creamery also presents a range of vegan flavors in the U.K. and Oatly—a Swedish oat milk brand—publicized previously this year that it would be launching 5 innovative dairy-free flavors for the U.K. market in a while.