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Amazon Scout To Lend A Helping Hand In Development Of Global E-Commerce Market

Posted on: Feb-2019 | By: MarketNReports | Technology

Amazon is making an entry in the robot delivery sector with an electric hamper on wheels. This device is dubbed as the Amazon Scout by the firm. The e-commerce behemoth is the latest firm to attempt its hand at this kind of last-mile & automated delivery solution, after a crop of firms, as well as experiments by bigger companies such as PepsiCo and Domino’s Pizza. The addition of this delivery solution by Amazon is expected to drive the global e-commerce market.

Details about the Scout are very less, but the design seems similar to current robots. In fact, the Scout seems almost similar to robots from Starship Technologies, an Estonian firm that was a premature entrant to the sector. (In an interview to the media, a Starship Technologies spokesperson claimed “We’re big believers in autonomous delivery bots. As the firm that made this segment, it is great to see others getting to know the capability.”)

The Scout has 6 wheels, is fueled by an electric battery, and shifts at a walking speed. Almost 6 robots are presently being tested in Snohomish County, Washington in a sole neighborhood, where they will deliver goods “in daylight hours” from Monday to Friday. As per Amazon, the bots will be accompanied by human overseers on their rounds to start with. This is to make sure that the robots can “securely and competently navigate around pedestrians, pets, and anything else in their way.”

Similar tests are ongoing in cities all over the globe and in more closed-off areas such as office complexes and college campuses, thereby powering the e-commerce market. Advances in machine learning and cheap sensors have made navigation for this kind of robot comparatively simple to manage. And when the robot makes an error, the risks are comparatively small.