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Advancement in Fleet Industries’ Operations To Drive Telematics Market

Posted on: Feb-2019 | By: MarketNReports | Technology

Telematics market is currently an emerging market, which involves software-based devices that can be able to track the vehicles by the fleet managing industry. This IT-based system seems to be quite beneficial for fleet market, where commercial vehicles integrated with this device can be easily tracked by the fleet managers.

Recently, Melbourne-based smart car technology developer, Connexion Telematics has revealed the launch of its OnTRAC device integrated into General Motors Corporation vehicles. Total numbers of 3,666 dealers have been registered under General Motors’ Courtesy Transportation Program to integrate the telematics systems in 69,905 vehicles. This three-year contract between Connexion and General Motors involves designing, developing, and delivering applications to the public.

The telematics sector could possibly drive the fleet market to the advanced level by allowing fleet managers to better locate and track the commercial vehicles routes. The integrated telematics system does not require any additional devices or applications, cutting the expenditure of fleet industries.

But still the fleet management system has to make some variations in their offerings by understanding their ongoing infrastructural, cultural, and regulatory view; knowing about drivers’ requirements, and usage behavior.

Many other device manufacturers are trying to collaborate with telecom operators and telematics services to providers to enter the telematics and automotive market simultaneously.

In several countries, governments have set compulsions over the integration of telematics devices such as an electronic onboard recorder in commercial vehicles, which would possibly raise the fleet market capitalization in the upcoming years.

This IoT technology-based system could possibly allow real-time internal connectivity between service stations, shippers, fleet operators, carriers, drivers, and insurers using cloud platforms.

However, the drawback of this innovation involves higher risks of the security breach, as some reports reveal that research by the team of Keen Labs demonstrated the process of hacking the Tesla Model S.